1. The Birth of Eve from the Giantess Masseba

2. The Forebears of Adam witness the Column of Darkness and Embark upon the Bridge of Suna

3. Journey Through the Land of Suna Into the Country of Ophir, and Thence Through the Mountains of Pars, and Thence to the Marshes of Urbab, Unto the Promised Land of Aeshu

4. The Seven Champions of Saul and the Boar Hunt of Aeshu

Interlude - Wanderers Along The Shoreline

5. Mariah Releases the Serpent from the Pillar of Amber, Whereof Great Destruction is Descended Upon the Land

6. Adam Welcomes the People Born of a Fallen Star, Whereupon Cain Draws Abel Into the Reflecting Pool

7. Cain Returneth Unto Eden with News of The Lord God and of The Adversary